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CDC Updates Treatment Guidelines for Tickborne ...

The guidelines note that physicians must request the correct diagnostic tests to confirm diagnosis, as well as completely understand the limitations and usefulness of these tests.

Heart Issues More Likely in HIV ...

Thanks in large part to antiretroviral therapy, patients with HIV are living longer, but they and the physicians who treat them are facing unique challenges as they age.

Summer Issues: Water Safety

Healthy and Safe Swimming Week begins on May 23, 2016.

FDA Warns About Ketoconazole

In an updated FDA drug safety communication issued today, officials said they approved label changes for oral ketoconazole tablets in 2013 to reflect risks of serious liver damages, adrenal gland problems and drug interactions.

Gay and Bisexual Men in South ...

Emory researchers have made new data analyses of where gay and bisexual men are most likely to be infected with HIV. The data will be used to direct vital HIV resources to areas of the most need.

Video: Treatment Options Improving For Patients ...

A Philadelphia-based hepatitis specialist recently spoke with Infectious Disease Advisor about current options for hepatitis C management.

Zika Virus Tracker

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HIV/AIDS Stroke As a Complicating Comorbidity With HIV: A Report from CROI 2016

Stroke As a Complicating Comorbidity With HIV: A Report from CROI 2016

Although stroke is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in HIV, it is less well studied than coronary artery disease.

Pediatric Illnesses

Polio: The End is Becoming Nearer

Polio: The End is Becoming Nearer

Public health and global health efforts to eradicate polio are closing in on their goal.

Influenza Managing Patient Perceptions of the Flu Vaccine

Managing Patient Perceptions of the Flu Vaccine

By presenting research on the safety and efficacy of the flu vaccine, clinicians can successfully promote vaccination to patients in their care.

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