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Overdoses Related to Heroin Tripled in Three-Year Period

CDC: New Species of Lyme Disease Bacteria Identified

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in collaboration with Mayo Clinic and health officials from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota, have reported the discovery of a new species of bacteria, Borrelia mayonii, which causes Lyme disease in people. Until now, Borrelia burgdorferi was the only species believed to cause Lyme disease in North America,…

Mosquitoes Capable of Carrying Zika Found Locally

Zika virus is transmitted by the mosquito species Aedes aegypti, also a carrier of dengue fever and chikungunya, two other tropical diseases.  Though Aedes aegypti is not native to North America, researchers at the University of Notre Dame who study the species have reported a  population of the mosquitoes in a Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington, D.C.…

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