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Thrombocytosis I. Problem/Condition. Defined as platelet count of greater than 450,000 cells/microliter (cells/μL). II. Diagnostic Approach. A. What is the differential diagnosis for this problem? The differential includes spurious, reactive (secondary) or autonomous (primary) thrombocytosis. Continue Reading Always confirm by repeat testing of the platelet count and peripheral smear and exclude false or spurious causes…

Hemolytic transfusion reactions (ABO incompatibility)

Hemolytic Transfusion Reactions (ABO incompatibility) I. What every physician needs to know. Introduction Blood group antigens on red blood cell (RBC) surfaces define their immune potential. The different blood groups A, B, AB and O are based on the surface presence of antigen A, antigen B, both antigens or absence of these antigens, respectively. Corresponding…

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