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High-risk operations

1. Description of the problem The challenge of high-risk operations In recent years significant efforts have been made to reduce perioperative harm. For example, surgical safety checklists and operating room briefings have been championed by Atul Gawande and the World Health Organization to help reduce the incidence of adverse outcomes such as wrong-site surgery, and…

Low Cardiac output

1. Description of the problem What every clinician needs to know There is no consensus on the absolute definition of a “low cardiac output state.” It is a syndrome evidenced by a low cardiac output or cardiac index (cardiac index <2.4L/min/m2) with evidence of organ dysfunction—for example, a high lactate or urine output <0.5 ml/kg/hour.…

Shock; circulatory failure

1. Description of the problem What every clinician needs to know Shock is a clinical syndrome where a primary circulatory problem causes impaired oxygen delivery to organs and peripheral tissues. Without rapid identification, restoration of oxygen delivery and treatment aimed at the underlying cause, a process of progressive multi-organ dysfunction and sequential organ failure will…

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