Sara  Gianella Weibel, MD

Sara Gianella Weibel, MD

Dr Gianella graduated from University of Zurich (Switzerland) in 2002. After completing her training in Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease in Switzerland, she moved to sunny San Diego in 2009 to work as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Center for AIDS Research (CFAR). She joined the faculty of the Department of Medicine at UCSD in 2013. Dr Gianella is a translational research virologist. She uses basic science techniques to answer clinically relevant questions. Her main research interest gravitates around the study of HIV at different levels. Current research areas range from investigating HIV transmission dynamics and interactions with co-infecting viruses, to characterizing the establishment of the latent viral reservoir, understanding sex-differences in HIV infection and investigating clinical complications related to persistent immune activation.

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