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Virginia A. Schad, PharmD, RPh

Virginia A. Schad, PharmD, RPh

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Virginia A. Schad, PharmD, RPh, is a contributing medical author for the Haymarket Medical Network, part of the Medical Communications Group of Haymarket Media. She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1999. For the past 20 years, Dr Schad has worked in medical communications developing numerous presentations, as well as slide libraries and kits, and editing journal articles and supplements, clinical study reports, product monographs, and program abstracts. She has also organized and implemented speaker training meetings, consultants’ meetings, advisory board meetings, roundtable meetings, and CME symposia. While Dr Schad has worked in many therapeutic areas, her areas of focus have been in endocrinology, infectious diseases, pulmonology, neurology, and cardiology.

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An Optimized Cell Culture System Needed for Hepatitis E Virus Subtypes

After expanding, freezing, thawing and re-culturing novel wild-type isolates of hepatitis E, investigators in Europe observed what they categorized as an unlimited production of hepatitis E virus during a period of 2 years, which they believe will allow in vitro testing for the effectiveness of sofosbuvir in combination with ribavirin or silvestrol.

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