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Zahra  Masoud

Zahra Masoud

Zahra Masoud is a 5th year Pharmacology PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Her research is focused on understanding the mechanisms underlying the initiation of breast cancer growth. After graduation, she will be working as a medical writer at Medpace, Inc located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

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There are two vaccines that protect against polio: IPV and OPV. This vaccine should be given to patients at two months, four months, and 6 to 8 months of age. A booster dose is administered in patients aged 4 to 6 years.

No Association Between Influenza Severity and Pediatric Vaccination Rate

Vaccine effectiveness and severity of current and prior seasons of influenza have demonstrated no association with vaccination rate in children, according to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics. Compared with other pediatric and adolescent vaccines, the influenza vaccination rate remains low in children. Although many reasons may affect whether a child is vaccinated, the extent…

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Norovirus Burden May Decrease With Pediatric Vaccinations

Childhood vaccination for norovirus may reduce the community burden of norovirus outbreaks, according to a study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases. Norovirus is the leading cause of acute gastroenteritis in the United States, causing an estimated 20 million illnesses each year. Norovirus affects all age groups; however, severe illness is most likely to occur in…

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Children With HIV May Benefit From Alendronate

Alendronate treatment is well-tolerated and improved bone mineral density (BMD), with no safety concerns in children and adolescents with perinatally acquired HIV, according to a study recently published in Clinical Infectious Diseases. Compared with children and adolescents without HIV, those who are perinatally infected have lower BMD; this may be related to antiretroviral therapy (ART).…

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