ID 2015: What's the Latest?

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the Infectious Disease Advisor take:

It's halfway through the summer of 2015 and more than halfway through the year - a perfect time to take a look at where the field of infectious diseases stand this year.

At the beginning of the year, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's John Bartlett, MD, made some predictions for Medscape about what this year may hold in terms of infectious disease (ID) spread, and in this excellently-written piece, he gives clinicians a field an update on those predictions. 

He discusses Ebola - noting that although this illness would likely "never be a serious threat in the United States," it was, as Bill Gates mentioned in an editorial earlier this year, an important "wake-up call" for federal health officials about our potential vulnerabilities to infectious disease threats. Bartlett's editorial does a great job of outlining the public health response, including, he noted, $3 million in grant funds earmarked by the "Department of Homeland Security for bio-prepardeness." 

Bartlett also discusses the current state of CDI treatment, noting the large increase of stool transplant as a way to treat this illness. He notes one report that highlights the importance of understanding the "microbiome of the donor," as one patient showed significant weight gain after a transplant.

He also discusses in depth several outbreaks this year, including an outbreak of HIV infection in Indiana among injection drug users. 

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It's halfway through the year - a great time to look at where we stand with ID-related issues.
John Bartlett takes stock of the progress made on his predictions for the field of infectious diseases.
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