Differential Diagnosis

Confirmation of intrauterine pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy


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Gestational trophoblastic disease Nongestational malignancies

Suggested Additional Lab Testing

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) tests can be performed using serum or urine.

  • Urine test is qualitative (yes/no).

  • Serum test can be qualitative or quantitative.

  • Serial quantitative measurements of hCG may be useful, especially in suspected ectopic pregnancy, where a low

Low levels of serial serum hCG may identify a spontaneous or threatened abortion.

An insufficient hCG decline after abortion indicates incomplete therapeutic or spontaneous abortion.

Gestational trophoblastic disease: hCG is abnormally high with a high ratio of free beta hCG to total hCG

hCG measurement may also be useful in the diagnosis, prognosis, and management of other tumors, such as testicular tumors.

hCG or a slow rise in the hCG in the absence of an intrauterine sac on ultrasonography suggests an ectopic pregnancy.