HealthDay News — Nearly three-quarters of Americans say they have a preference for a specific COVID-19 vaccine, a new survey finds.

The poll of 1000 people found that most (36%) preferred Pfizer, followed by Moderna at 19% and Johnson & Johnson at 17%, CBS News reported.

Reasons cited for wanting the Pfizer vaccine include the vaccine’s efficacy (45%), positive study data (35%), reportedly fewer side effects (32%), reading a positive news story (29%), and social media posts by family and friends (21%), according to the results of the survey by M Booth Health, a health communications consultancy, and Savanta, a market research and advisory company.

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Among those who preferred the Moderna vaccine, common reasons included efficacy (32%), fewer side effects (31%), positive study data (30%), and social media posts by family and friends (23%), CBS News reported.

Those who wanted the Johnson & Johnson vaccine listed reasons such as the fact that it requires only 1 shot (31%), preexisting trust in the brand (26%), or “good experiences” with the company’s products in the past (19%).

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