Ebola Ruled Out In New Jersey Man

The man is being treated for a "non-contagious" illness, health officials said.

Ebola has been ruled out as the reason why a New Jersey man was hospitalized this morning, according to a spokeswoman with the New Jersey Department of Health.

Donna Leusner told Infectious Disease Advisor that the man had recently traveled to Africa, which prompted quick infection control protocols in local emergency medical personnel, but the man visited an area that is not impacted by Ebola.

She said Lassa fever had also been ruled out, but declined to say what caused the man’s symptoms, citing health information privacy laws. In an interview for a separate story, Thomas M. File, Jr., MD, chair of infectious disease division of Summa Health System in Akron, Ohio, professor of internal medicine and chair of the infectious disease section of Northeast Ohio Medical University in Rootstown, Ohio, recently told Infectious Disease Advisor that there are regional similarities between Lassa fever and Ebola because both occur in the same countries in West Africa. 

Leusner said the illness the man is being treated for is “non-contagious.” 

Although Leusner declined to give any information about the patient, she noted that all hospitals in New Jersey are routinely drilled on quarantine protocols in the event that a person with Ebola-like symptoms were to present to their hospital. 

A call to the press office for the Barnabas Health system, where the man is reportedly being treated today, was not immediately returned.