Several natural compounds have strong anti-borreliae effects, according to data presented at ASM Microbe 2016. 

Anna Goc, Senior Researcher at the Dr. Rath Research Institute and colleagues presented evaluated more than 50 natural compounds against active and latent forms of Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia garinii, predominant causative agents of Lyme disease in the US and in Europe. They concluded that several of the compounds held anti-borreliae effects. 

“The most promising aspect of these findings is that the identified compounds are effective against not only active form of these bacteria, called spirochetes, but also the latent forms such as rounded forms and biofilm,” Dr Goc said in a prepared statement about the study.  

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The study revealed that polyphenols such as baicalein, luteolin, and rosmarinic acid, fatty acids namely monolaurin and 10-HAD, and micronutrients like iodine and vitamins D3 and C were particularly effective. 

In an effort to determine whether these compounds can serve their purpose, the team investigated their cooperation with doxycycline, the most frequently prescribed antibiotic for Lyme patients. This study showed that dual combination of doxycycline with these compounds, allowed for 50% reduction of antibiotic concentration killing 90% of spirochetes. Also, rounded forms that are not affected by doxycycline alone were reduced by 50% in the presence of baicalein, luteolin, fatty acids, and iodine still at the 50% decreased concentration of doxycycline. Similarly, 50-60% eradication of biofilm was achieved, while doxycycline alone even at double concentration was effective only in 20-30%. In concurrent studies, the same compounds were tested for their mutual cooperation. 

These results revealed that the combinations of baicalein with luteolin and monolaurin with 10-HAD synergized in killing spirochetes. Moreover, baicalein and luteolin when combined with rosmarinic acid or iodine produced additive effects against spirochetes and rounded forms. An additive anti-biofilm effect was noticed when baicalein was combined with luteolin and monolaurin with 10-HAD. 


Goc A. Poster 400. Presented atASM Microbe 2016. Boston. June 16-20, 2016.