The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) has confirmed an additional case of hepatitis A infection in a food service employee, and is advising people who consumed any food or drink products from the Taco Bell in Waipio from June 16 through July 11, 2016 that they may have been exposed to the disease. 

“It is important to note that neither the Waikele Baskin-Robbins nor the Waipio Taco Bell have been identified as the source of infection for this outbreak,” State Epidemiologist Sarah Park noted in a prepared statement. “These are merely places where the victims were employed. The likelihood that patrons of these food establishments will become infected is very low, but to prevent possible additional cases, we are notifying the public so they may seek advice and help from their healthcare providers.” 

Additional food service establishments may be affected as the number of people with hepatitis A is now at 53.  

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Health officials are urging people. including food service employees, exhibiting symptoms of hepatitis A to stay home and contact their healthcare provider. All food service employees should strictly adhere to good handwashing and food handling practices. 

Unvaccinated individuals are being urged to contact their healthcare providers about the possibility of receiving hepatitis A vaccine or immune globulin, which may provide some protection against the disease if administered within the first two weeks after exposure. 


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