Raw Scallops Confirmed as Source of Hawaii Hepatitis A Outbreak

raw scallops_TS_464635604
raw scallops_TS_464635604
The scallops were imported from the Philippines and have been embargoed across the state.

Laboratory tests have confirmed that imported Sea Port Bay Scallops are the likely source of the ongoing hepatitis A outbreak in Hawaii, according to the Hawaii State Department of Health (HDOH).

“This laboratory confirmation is important validation of our investigation findings,” said Sarah Park, MD, state epidemiologist and chief of the Disease Outbreak Control Division at the HDOH. “We are continuing efforts to end this outbreak by working to assure no other product is left in the state, and to monitor for those who unfortunately may have been infected and do not yet have symptoms.”

The HDOH confirmed at total of 241 hepatitis A cases as of August 31, 2016; 64 of those cases have required hospitalization.

The contaminated scallops originated from the Philippines. Sea Port Products Corp. issued a recall of three lots of frozen bay scallops (lot numbers 5885, 5886, and 5887), and a statewide embargo has been placed on the product.

The HDOH recommends that persons who consumed the scallops receive a hepatitis A vaccination or immune globulin (IG), which may provide protection against hepatitis A if administered within 2 weeks of exposure.

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