Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are cautioning against using oral ‎liquid docusate products in any immunocompromised, ventilated, or immunosuppressed people after it was noted that a number of Burkholderia cepacia infections are occurring in this population, and they may be due to use of these products. 

“Facilities that experience B. cepacia complex infections among non-cystic fibrosis patients or clusters of B. cepacia complex infections among cystic fibrosis patients should sequester all oral liquid docusate products,” CDC officials wrote in a briefing on the outbreak on their website last week.‎‎ They added that there is no evidence to suggest at this point that enemas or oral capsules were affected. 

The report noted that most of the infections that have occurred so far are occurring in “in ventilated patients without cystic fibrosis and who are being treated in intensive care units,” and the report urged clinicians to remain on watch for B. cepacia complex infections and report to public health administrators.

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An update to this report is expected on July 7. 


CDC.  Multistate Outbreak of Burkholderia cepacia Infections. CDC website. 2016.