Culturally-Competent Healthcare for Young Gay Men Needed

Why Culturally Competent Care Matters

Whether you are asking your doctor about getting a flu shot, or asking for an STD test, it is critical that you feel comfortable talking with them about all aspects of health. But it is often very difficult for the LGBT population to find culturally competent care. According to a 2011 Institute of Medicine report, this lack of a comprehensive understanding of the health needs of the LGBT population is one of the drivers behind the health disparities this population experiences.

We must ease the delivery of care for young gay men and develop points of entry into the health-care system in environments where young gay men socially navigate, like schools, mobile units near to clubs, bars, parks and recreational facilities, and within LGBT community centers. This would make engagement easier and less intimidating than in a traditional doctor’s office.

The Conversation

Perry N. Halkitis is Professor of Applied Psychology, Global Public Health and Medicine; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Global Institute of Public Health at New York University.

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