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General Pulmonology

Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis are serious diseases caused by bacteria. Diphtheria and pertussis are spread from person to person. Tetanus enters the body through cuts or wounds. Patients should receive five doses of DTaP vaccine at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 15 to 18 months, and 4 to 6 years.

Vaccinating patients from infancy through adulthood

Immunizing patients is a cornerstone of primary-care practice and public health policy. Clinicians are responsible for vaccinating more than 80% of patients aged 19 to 35 months, according to the CDC. Health-care providers are well aware that vaccinations don’t just stop after childhood. Adult and senior patients benefit from ongoing protection that vaccinations provide. Here…

A 71-year-old woman with a rash due to cutaneous TB. In most cases TB affects the lungs, but in some cases it affects the skin, causing this rash. This form of the disease can cause ulceration and destruction of underlying cartilage. In many countries TB has been largely controlled through vaccination programs, but a recent resurgence in disease is attributable to relaxation of these programs along with economic migration.


Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It commonly affects the lungs, but can spread to the bone, brains, liver, kidney and heart, and can be fatal if left untreated. The disease is transmitted person to person via fomites in coughs and sneezes. Although once uncommon in developed countries, TB rates have been…

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